Monthly EMI Option For Getting MAA Membership: Tollywood Heroine

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Most of the cinema artists are not in a position to apply for MAA membership. Earlier, actors need to pay one lakh rupees for obtaining MAA membership. After Naresh becoming the president of MAA, many changes have been made to the guidelines. To get MAA membership, one has to pay Rs. 90,000 and can pay it in four installments. If any actor wants to get MAA membership, they have to follow some conditions(should act in atleast three movies, name should be displayed in the title cards). We all know how Sri Reddy has created ruckus in getting MAA Membership.

Telugu heroine, Rekha Boj who acted in Daamini Villaa, Kalaya Tasmai Namaha, etc., made some interesting comments. She took to her Facebook and said that it is very difficult for a small actor to get their name listed in title cards. She further added that one has to pay Rs. one lakh to obtain MAA membership. She said that small actors like her will not get enough amount even after doing four movies and questioned that how can she get Rs. one lakh. She said that many stars are not in a position to pay one lakh rupees and we all know how some of the actors have fought on this issue.

She said that the fee should be fixed as Rs. 25,000 or else can provide an oppurtunity to pay some amount every month. She said that this is not only her opinion but most of the actors are feeling the same. She asserted that she has posted the same on FB when Naresh was elected and posting it now, so that the issue will be addressed. She added that she has constructed a studio by taking a loan and would join in MAA  if there is an EMI option.

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