Monal's U-turn: Akhil's Bigg Boss Win Becomes Flop, Abijeet Got Lucky?

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu is getting intersting with each passing day. Audience used to have doubts who will become the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu. As you all know, Abhijeet, Akhil and Sohel are the strong contenders in the house.  Akhil and Monal have become the talk of the town ever since the show went on air. They both share a social bond inside the house. Akhil might have thought to become a winner by using Monal Gajjar. Akhil used to get more footage for his love track with Monal.

He even fought with Abhijeet as he like Monal so much. There were few episodes the whole show was about Monal and Akhil. Last week, audience got to know that Akhil is playing with Monal emotions. We have already told you Harika has become captain of the house because of Monal.

 It was really tough task but she performed better than Avinash and Sohel in the captaincy task. He went to the secret room with overconfidence that he will definitely return to the house. After coming from secret room, he is seen avoiding Monal. The latest we hear is Monal saved Abhijeet from this week eviction. The latest nomination process task of this week is Bigg Boss will throw green and red colors on the contestants. Whoever gets red they are nominated for this week's elimination.

Akhil, Avinash, Abhijeet Ariyana got red colors. Monal gets green colors but she is likely to get a swap for Abhijeet. To know why Monal saved Abhijeet then we all have to watch tonight’s episode. Akhil couldn’t digest Monal saving Abhijeet and he is seen disappoint with Monal’s decision in the latest promo of Bigg Boss Telugu. Akhil's plan of becoming a winner by using Monal became a huge flop. Now, he is one man in the house. Akhil had enough clashes with everyone inside of the house and they doesn't like to talk to him. Sohel is the only friend for Akhil in the house. Let's wait and watch what future awaits for Akhil.

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