Monal Gajjar Getting Special Prize From Bigg Boss in Most Popular Contestant Category?

 - Sakshi Post

Monal Gajjar, a name that needs no introduction, right! When she stepped into BB house, she was known to a few but now, she earned a huge fan following. She got eliminated out of the house in the last week of elimination. Most of the netizens loved her because, she was caring, plays her part in every task, values others feeling, accepts mistakes irrespective of big or small. Some of the netizens call her she is not only beautiful from outside but also inside and will not hold any grudges.

Where as the other section of netizens always criticised her saying that she will not play the game. Although the makers were forced to evict her after being trolled by netizens for giving her unnecessary hype to her, Monal Gajjar is being hailed as the most popular contestant this season. There's no denying that she was the most talked about contestant on Bigg Boss 4 Telugu on social media. 

Now, we hear that she is all set to get a special prize for being the most popular contestant. We know that Monal Gajjar was the hot favourite of Bigg Boss Organisers. They faced a lot of flak for protecting her during every Elimination.

Coming to the winner of the show...Rumours are doing the rounds that Abhijeet is going to win the title. It is said that Ariyana and Harika have been eliminated from the show and the top three contestants are Akhil, Abhijeet and Sohel.  Let us not scratch our brains but wait for the episode.

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