Meet Top 2 Finalists Of Bigg Boss Telugu 4

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 - Sakshi Post

Looks like both the audience and fans have already chosen their favorite in Bigg Boss Telugu 4. Last night, the contestants of family members visited the show, Nagarjuna is seen asking them to tell the top five finalists according to their opinion. Most of them have voted for Abhijeet and Sohel and they could be in the top two finalists of Bigg Boss Telugu 4.

There’s no doubt, Abhijeet could be a probable winner while Sohel could end as a runner up of the show. Abhijeet and Sohel the way they handle situations inside the house has definitely emerged as the audience favorite contestant. Sohel hasn’t only increased his own fan following with his performance but also set the high level for others to perform in the task. These are the two finalists of Bigg Boss Telugu. Here are few fans reactions on Twitter:

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