Maruthi's Film With Ravi Teja: Uncertainty Over The Project

 - Sakshi Post

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is accepting films, one by one. Already, he lined up three movies with three different director. No one has a clarity on which film hits the floors first. Meanwhile, we came to know that director Maruthi is also planning to come up with a movie starring Ravi Teja.

The latest media reports reveal us that Maruthi approached Ravi Teja with a script which the actor liked. However, Maruthi has finished only first half of the movie. Ravi Teja wants the director to approach him only after finishing the second half of the film. Maruthi has fallen in a tricky situation now. The director hoped to get a green signal from the actor but the actor pushed it further.

Now, the director is working on the second half of the script and he might come up to a conclusion soon.

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