Maanas Mother On Son's Relationship With Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Contestant Priyanka Singh

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Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestants Priyanka Singh and Maanas look so cute together in the show. Netizens have declared them as an adorable pair on social media. They both share a special connection in the house. 

They both love and care for each other, as per the buzz. All the contestants' families are watching the show to see their kids. In the same way, Priyanka Singh's mother has been following the show. When she was asked about Priyanka's marriage with Maanas. In one of her interviews, she stated that "Priyanka is a very good girl, even I like her a lot." 

Bigg Boss is a three months game, this is not the first Jodi in Bigg Boss Telugu. So many contestants came out as pair, some of them got married, some of them have parted their ways after the show. Bigg Boss contestants are also aware that their relationship exists only until the show ends. Their equations are going to change after the show. It became tough for Maanas to build a rapport with others in the house. But he got close to Priyanka Singh. I don't accept Maanas' girlfriend, he will marry only the girl I'm going to select. I will never accept my son getting married to Priyanka Singh. But We will always support her in every other matter," she signs off.

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