Lasya Says No Kick In Bigg Boss If Monal is Eliminated From House

 - Sakshi Post

Akkineni Nagarjuna’s Bigg Boss Telugu is nearing its end with just three weeks remaining for the grand finale. If you ask any avid fan of Bigg Boss Telugu, what you have watched most in season 4. Most of them will say there is nothing in the show except the love triangle between Akhil,Monal, and Abhijeet. Nagarjuna and Show makers are pushing Abhijeet to have a relationship with Monal. Actually, it’s the Bigg Boss game plan to fetch good TRP ratings. A week ago, Lasya Manjunath was evicted from the house.

She revealed a few interesting facts about Akhil, Monal, and Abhijeet to the news portal. She stated that “ I really don’t know what clips are getting telecasted on the show. While coming to Abhijeet, Akhil and Monal triangle love story. Abhijeet doesn’t have any feelings towards Monal and I’m sure about it because I was with him, used to spend a lot of time with him. There were a few times, I even asked Abhijeet to go and talk to Monal, But, he told me I don’t want to talk to her. I feel Akhil and Monal also friends but I don’t what the audience are thinking about them. If makers send Monal out of the house, there wouldn’t any kick in the house that’s why show makers seem to be saving her from every week elimination. This is not only my assumption most of the show lovers are raising their doubts on social media that why show makers are saving Monal when she is not at all performing the tasks. She concluded the program director must have the answers”.

If you are eagerly waiting for tonight's episode. Abhijeet, Harika, Akhil, Monal and Avinash are nominated for the 13th-week elimination. It remains to be seen, whether Nagarjuna will show Monal an exit door or not this weekend. Keep watching this space for more updates

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