Kumar Sai Reveals Why Abhijeet Is Ignoring Monal In BB House?

 - Sakshi Post

The viewers of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 know that Kumar Sai stayed in the BB house for just three weeks, but he entertained the audience during his stay in the house. The show is turning out to be successful when compared to previous seasons. Kumar Sai gave his best to make it to the finale. But, he got evicted in the sixth round of elimination.

Ever since he stepped out of the show, he has been giving interviews to various portals. In one of his interviews, When he was shot with the question to share his opinion about Abhijeet and why he isn’t talking to Monal. Kumar stated that, ‘He is a very cool person. He doesn’t have peace of mind when it comes to tasks, he wants to lead the team by controlling everyone. Coming to Monal, I’m unable to understand the love track going on in the house. Monal speaks bad about Akhil when he is not there and also about Abhijeet in his absence. She is confusing them. Abhijeet who understood the character of Monal started ignoring her. Only Bigg Boss can clear this."

On the other hand, Kumar Sai has become an internet sensation. Most of the audience got disappointed with Kumar Sai's elimination. Kumar Sai entered the house as a wild card contestant in the second week of the show. All the contestants have cornered him from the day one of his entry into the show. But, with each passing day, he started focusing on game and performed well in the tasks. Kumar Sai getting eliminated from the show is really disappointing news for  his fans. Netizens claim that he deserves to stay in the house. Why show makers eliminated a talented person? Why they are being partial to Monal? Because of Monal, the makers eliminated Kumar Sai? We don’t know what is the exact reason but netizens are posting nasty comments on Nagarjuna and Bigg Boss makers on Twitter.

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