Kaushal Manda's Prediction Of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Winner

 - Sakshi Post

Looks Like Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has been great a success and it has been constantly trending on social media. Abhijeet, Harika, Sohel are receiving all the love from the fans.  The buzz on social media suggest that these three contestants could be in top three of this season. The former contestant Kaushal Manda has been in the news for a long time.

He is closely following the show and shared his thoughts on who can be a potential winner. Kaushal suggested that Abhijeet could win the show as he is a wonderful player and he has the potential to stick in the house for even longer than anyone thinks.

The next top second contestant could be Sohel, If he controlled his aggression and kept a calm mind, he could stick around longer in the house.  The ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 2’ contestants also revealed his top five contestants of Season 4. He named Abhijeet, Sohel, Akhil, Ariyana and Avinash as the top five contestants of the current season.

For those who are new to the story, Avinash, Akhil, Monal and Ariyana are nominated for this week's elimination. It is left to see to whom Nagarjuna will show an exit door this weekend. Watch this space for more updates.

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