Kaushal Manda’s Wife Neelima Gives A Reality Check on COVID Situation in UK

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Telugu Bigg Boss contestant Kaushal Manda’s wife Neelima had contracted COVID-19 last week. She seems to be doing well now. Last week, Kaushal Manda had penned some emotional words about his wife Neelima. He wrote on his instagram “You went to achieve something, Your fighting with your life to make something, I am sure with your courage you will be something..Get Well Soon and Fightback for your dreams @nelimakaushal #loveyou #missyou”. 

Now, Neelima has shared a video and given some updates about her health to her fans and followers. She states, “I’m working in the UK. I tested positive seven days ago. You people are worrying that there are a lot of cases in India and the situation is bad. But, that’s not the truth, the situation here is very bad too. After I tested COVID positive, I had all the symptoms of breathing problems, chest pain and fatigue. When I informed doctors about my symptoms they have just given me a paracetamol tablet. They didn’t care much, but, I thought in the UK, they would give the best treatment but I had worst experience here. If there’s an emergency in India, people will admit the patient and they provide medicine to them. But, In UK, the system is totally different, I was so scared, in India they are giving proper medicine for COVID patients that’s why I suggest you all not to be scared about COVID-19. I’m doing good because of all the prayers. I’m checking my pulse with an oxygen meter and I will surely return to India."

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