Karnam Malleswari Director Sanjana Reddy On Ventilator Support?

Sanjana Reddy (File Image) - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: As per the latest buzz, Sanjana Reddy, the director of Karnam Malleswari biopic has been admitted to a private hospital in Hyderabad. Sources say that the Tollywood filmmaker was shifted to Intensive Critical Care (ICU) and was kept on ventilator support. It is said that her condition remains to be extremely critical. Reports claim that a specialist neuro physician is attending her to diagnose and detect the problem.

Kona Venkat the producer of Karnam Malleswari biopic dismissed the rumours of Sanjana Reddy's health condition being critical. He said that, "Sanjana Reddy was on a liquid diet for the last three days and ended up fainting at her home. There’s nothing to worry and everything will be fine. She will be discharged in a day or two.” He also added that she will start the work shortly and the movie will start rolling as planned.

Sanjana Reddy made her first film, Raju Gadu in 2018 with Raj Tarun. After this movie, the filmmaker is working on the Karanam Malleswari project. On the occasion of Indian weightlifter Karnam Malleswari’s 45th birthday, Sanjana Reddy announced an untitled project on the weightlifter Karnam Malleswari, India’s first-ever female Olympic medallist. The movie is going to be multilingual and will be made at an estimated budget of Rs 70 crore.

In an interview, Sanjana Reddy said that, ” We are from Srikakulam district, which is below the poverty line. At that time, new syllabus books used to come to us in December after all other districts were given study material and that’s when I first read about her. After the Sydney medal, she became royalty in our district. I saw her for the first time when I was in Class IX. She had come to inaugurate a government ladies’ hostel opposite my school. As we were growing up, any example of a strong woman would start with Karnam Malleswari.”

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