Indian Producers Not Sure About Overseas Markets!

 - Sakshi Post

Tenet became the first biggie in the world Cinema to brave the pandemic and release everywhere. In India, the movie did not open as the theatres haven't been opened yet. But the performance of the film has increased confusion among the producers than giving clear answers. 

The way it took off in the first weekend with the positive buzz and discussions on social media, producers expected the movie to exponentially increase it's business. But the film's second weekend collections fell by 30% and that is not encouraging in these unprecedented times. 

Producers from Indian Cinema wanted to see the trend globally and try to promote their movies in such a way that people feel they are only missing out on theatrical fun while world has started moving on. 

But Tenet's drop in the second weekend and Warner Bros Studios pushing their other big film, Wonder Woman 84 to Christmas time, made them realise that people are more cautious than ever when it comes spending their money on films. 

With increase in unemployment, uncertainty about future prospects, producers fear audiences looking to stay away from theatres in coming days more and more. Now, their fears got a positive answer with Tenet's first weekend performance but at the same time, they got negative answers from the second weekend. 

Hence, the producers are back to hoping that the pandemic will come under control soon with a good vaccine and better, faster resulted treatments. 

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