If RGV Was The Abusing Type, His Name Would be in MeToo: Ariyana Glory Sensational Comments

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Bigg Boss Beauty Ariyana is once again making a lot of noise, thanks to her bold interview with maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma. Interviewing RGV in a gym wearing sportswear, Ariyana has drawn the attention of netizens. The interview ‘Ariyana Bold Talk with RGV’ has become the talk of the town on social media. The video has gone viral in no time. Despite the huge response to the video, some people who saw this video are severely criticizing Ram Gopal Varma asking him what's the need to have a bold talk with a person like Ariyana who's old enough to be his daughter.

There have been innumerable comments to RGV's Twitter post. Ariyana has reacted to the comments over the bold interview and made some shocking comments. Why do you think it is bold? She wonders, saying there's nothing in it. It was actually RGV that made Ariyana famous. In a previous interview, Ram Gopal Varma commented directly on her figure to draw everyone's attention. "I like your figure. I like your thighs. I want to see you in a bikini," Varma had said. At the same time, Ariyana made a name in Bigg Boss as a bold beauty. Now again, Varma's bold interview with Ariyaana has become a hot topic on the internet.

Varma created a lot of hype on this interview as a definite plan from the beginning by releasing photos of him gymming with Ariyana. He also released a teaser for the interview to keep the momentum going. 

Ariyana reacted to the discussion surrounding the interview saying, "Interviewing RGV for a long time is a big task. It's a plus for me, but it's normal for him. Everyone says ‘bold‌ interview’ but I fail to understand what is so bold in it. If RGV had a habit of harassing girls .. his name would have been in ‘Mee too’! Has anyone complained about him? reasons Ariyana.

Ariyana says people have no choice but to compromise if they want to survive in the film industry or pursue a career for decades. She said that to be successful in this field, one cannot be angry, but instead, compromise as there is nothing to be gained from anger. Ariyana also made open comments on those who are trolling her by saying that they are doing so for a few minutes of fame.

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