If A Remake Is Well Made, Audience Don't Care If It's Venkatesh Or Dhanush

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By Sarah Justin

Victory Venkatesh has been ruling the film industry for more than a few decades now. Venkatesh is the kind of actor who never sticks to only selected roles. The actor always does something new and takes up new challenges to keep the audience happy and appeased. Right now, Venkatesh's Narappa trailer is trending on all social media platforms and it has garnered countless million views on Youtube. On the other hand, Venky is busy promoting Narappa, which is making its way to the OTT platform. Narappa is slated for release on Amazon Prime Video on July 20, 2021. In a tete-a-tete with Sakshi Post, Venkatesh Dabggubati revealed a few interesting facts about the film.

Your first film in OTT, so far none of the top actors have opted for it. How do you feel?

Everything has a beginning and there is a first time for everything—be it movies or otherwise. Mine is Narappa's release on OTT and I'm very much happy with it.

Your fans are deeply disappointed that a mass entertainer film which is perfect for theatrical release, is releasing on OTT

I sincerely apologise to all the fans and audience who are disappointed because of this. It just happened. We never know what time brings for us. When it happens, you have to just accept. Maybe you all can watch some other movies of mine in theatres. I'm blessed to have all in my life. Fans have shown their unconditional love through the years. Honestly, these are wonderful fans, who understood me and they have been sailing with me for the past few years. Everyone gets upset at some point or the other, but time heals everything. They never complained no matter the choice I have made till date. I'm surel they will understand why I'm releasing the film in OTT

What is it that attracted you to Asuran?

Firstly, I want to congraulated the Asuran team especially Dhanush for his mind-blowing acting, it's a wonderful film. I haven't come across such scripts. The direction is gripping. As soon as I watched the film, I felt like doing this movie and I felt people would love it. It was my gut feeling to pick this movie. It's no doubt a very challenging role. Sometimes I may not get such opportunities. I will try to take the chances whenever something interesting comes my way. If you take a look at Chanti, Sundarkanda and other movies. Many times people have asked me why you always do a remake. Honestly, remakes are not an easy thing to do, it's a very challenging thing when other heroes have already attempted it. It's totally different because their body and mind language is totally different from mine. When you take up these kinds of challenging roles, the actor inside you will come out. I don't know if it's right or wrong, but I have adapted to the changes for the past few years and I'm loving it

How challenging was Narappa to you?

For me, Narappa is the most challenging role in my career. Be it emotional scenes or anything in the film, they are real. I'm not the kind of actor who always stays in the same dress for days. I was in the same dress for Narappa for like months. I lived in that character. I'm very much happy with the output of the film. I got a very strong character after so many years. I hope, the audience loves it.

How was Srikanth Addala finalised as director for Narappa

I felt good to work with him and the whole team. I and Srikanth Addala together have watched the film. We have made a few changes to suit the sensibilities of the Telugu audience.

This film is a remake and comparisons are inevitable, how does it feel?

I have to thank all the audience and fans for their unconditional love. The trailer got a tremendous response. When we do a remake, there will always be comparisons. Sometimes people like it and sometimes they don't but I always do my job honestly. Finally, it will be the audience's choice to take a call on it. The film has really shaped up it well. There's a lot of freshness in the story. Hope, you all love it.

What fascinates you in a remake

Many things challenge me as an actor. I would never pick the remake if the script was not interesting. if you look back, the roles in Chanti, Sundarkanada, and Guru. Nobody has written such roles. There are many remakes which many heroes haven't done in Telugu till now. when you take up the opportunity, it's a big challenge to prove yourself. It doesn't matter if it is a remake or not as long as it entertains the audience. There are actors who stick to only a few select roles. But I have managed to do all kinds of roles. If the film's output is good, the audience will never ever bother if it is Venkatesh or Dhanush. They only see how you can pull it off. When the content is engrossing and impressive, the audience only observes how well he is acting in the scenes.


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