I Am in No Mood For Casual Talk: Renu Desai

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It’s hard to forget Renu Desai's acting skills even though she was seen only in two films Telugu movies--Badri and Johnny. After that, Renu Desai was away from acting. But, currently, she has been  judging several TV shows. Renu Desai has put out a video on Instagram urging her followers, audience not to send text messages to her. 

She requested people who have been sending messages Hi, Hello, not to send those kinds of messages, as it is hard to find genuine messages that deserve attention in this crucial hour of COVID crisis. 

In a video posted on her official social media handle, Renu says, "I requested you all, please don’t send Hi or Hello messages anymore. You may be fine and probably looking for a conversation. Honestly, I’m in no mood for casual talk. There are a few people who have been asking my help. Due to a flood of messages simple, real important conversations or messages,  are going down and I’m unable to see them.  Few people are dying as I’m not able to offer them help on time. I’m doing my bit to help people who are in need of medicine, beds and oxygen,"

She clearly mentioned that she is not doing any financial help to anyone. I’m only helping people in terms of medicine.  

Renu Desai also issued a warning to her fans and followers saying, "Please, at least change now for the better. Don’t ping me for casual talk and I beg you all. 

Here’s the video for you.

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