Hyderabad Dancer Donates Hair To Cancer Patients

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Shravya, a resident dancer from Motinagar, Hyderabad, donated her long hair for cancer patients to show her humanity.

Shocking netizens with a sudden shaved appearance

Hyderabad: There is no doubt that long hair enhances the beauty of women. Having luscious hair is seen as a sign of beauty. And in performing arts the presence of hair is very important.

However, a woman donated her full head of hair. And the reason why this woman donated her hair will shock you. Having jade-like hair a Kuchipudi dancer chose to donate her hair for the welfare of the cancer patients.

It is well known that cancer patients lose their hair due to radiation and chemotherapy. With this, many women go ahead and donate their hair to such people. Kuchipudi dancer Shravya Manasa Bhogireddy from Hyderabad also came forward to do her part.

Shravya, a master in performing arts after B.Tech and M.Tech, was saddened to see people lose their hair with radiation while going to various exhibitions. She said that it would be difficult to imagine what their pain would be like if they did not have all the hair, so she recently donated it to the Hair Donation Organization. The company distributes donated wigs and free hair to those who have lost their hair to chemotherapy due to cancer. Every day 40 to 50 people donate their hair to this organization. 

In order to help the cancer patients who lose their hair due to radiation and to be able to give them some valuable memories, Shravya decided on donating. She donated her hair to the local hair donation organizations.

She was seen with a shaven head today, having appeared with long jade-like hair until yesterday. Netizens are shocked by the new look. But they applaud her efforts and the lengths she is going to for the cause.

Shravya looks completely different now. But the self-satisfaction for helping others is evident on her face. Shravya says that if her hair donation serves as a wig for someone else, there will be no other bigger pleasure than that.

Shravya, who lives in Motinagar, is doing her Ph.D. in dance at the Central University of Hyderabad. She is well known not only as a classical dancer but also as a dubbing artist.

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