Here's Why Nagarjuna Lost His Cool On The Show

 - Sakshi Post

Looks like Bigg Boss Telugu 4 show TRPs ratings saw a dip last week. Recently, we have told you that Nagarjuna hosted 'Bigg Boss Telugu 4' premiered on September 6, 2020, secured the highest TRP ratings with 18.5. Show organizers have now released a video byte of tonight's episode where he was seen lashing at all contestants for their overconfidence. According to netizens opinion, Noel Sean seems to be overreacting in the show.

The other day also when he was assigned a task, Noel spoke at length about how he was unhappy and would love to walk out of the house. But, now, it seems like everything is okay, according to reports, as Noel became the second captain of the house.

Nagarjuna lashed at everyone as he can't directly pinpoint Noel Sean, as he is one of the highest-paid contestants of the season. He also enjoys a huge fan following. He became a household name with his singing talent way before Bigg Boss Telugu 4.

Check out netizens reaction for Nagarjuna losing temper on Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestants:

During the ongoing season, the behaviour of several contestants irked Nagarjuna, who is the host of Bigg Boss Telugu 4. There have been several occasions when Nagarjuna lost his cool in the previous season. Looks like the actual game will begin from next episode onwards.

Gangavva, Noel, Monal, Sohel, Karate Kalyani, Kumar Sai, Amma Rajasekhar, Harika and Abhijeet are nominated for this week's eviction. Let's wait and watch, to whom Nagarjuna will tell to pack their bags. Whom do you want to see eliminated? Do let us know in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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