Here's Why Abhijeet Is Surviving In Bigg Boss House Even Without Doing Physical Tasks

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Actor Abhijeet, who is locked up inside the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 along with nine other contestants, he emerged as one of the most strongest participants this season. Abhijeet has been grabbing the headlines ever since he entered the Bigg Boss Telugu. In last night’s Bigg Boss episode, Sohel, Mehboob, Ariyana and Avinash are seen telling that Akhil is the strong contender in the house. Surprisingly, none of the contestants have said Abhijeet name. Later, Akhil has been sent to a secret room. All of the contestants know that Akhil will be returning back soon to the house.  Bigg Boss is seen showing some video clips to Akhil where the contestants are talking about him.

In one of the videos, Abhijeet and Harika discussing, how Sohel and Mehboob pushed his friend out of the house. Harika is seen telling, I never want to win the game by sending it by my own friend. Abhijeet is seen telling that he lost immunity, can’t he argue with Bigg Boss that he doesn’t want to get eliminate. He blindly went without talking to Bigg Boss. Akhil’s reaction to Abhijeet’s video, he always tries to stop the game and he never came to win the game. He doesn’t have any clarity about the game. But, he is talking about me.

Not only Akhil, but even Amma Rajasekhar also said the same words about Abhijeet that he always tries to stop the game and he don’t put serious effort during physical tasks. But, Abhijeet staying in the house is raising doubts on social media that its management quota for Abhijeet in Bigg Boss Telugu. Abhijeet has been nominated for multiple times but he escaped eviction as he garnered the highest votes compared to other contestants. Abhijeet is surviving in the house without performing well in tasks is because of his fans and follower's support. The makers of the show can eliminate contestant only those who gets fewer votes from the audience.

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