Harish Rao's Way Of Managing Elections In Dubbak

 - Sakshi Post

Desperate to win Dubbak at any cost, the ruling TRS has taken a leaf out of the BJP’s strategy of Panna Pramukh. The Panna Pramukh system involves appointment of one incharge for one page in the voters’ list. This incharge will keep in touch with every voter in the list all through the five years and influences them to vote for the BJP at the time of the elections.

Taking a leaf out of this strategy, Harish Rao appointed two incharges for every 100 voters. The only difference is that the voters and the local leaders do not know who these people are. They work in great secrecy and inform about micro-level trends to only Harish Rao. They literally spy on the party workers who are secretly working for either the Congress or the BJP. The next day morning, the party worker gets a call from Harish Rao himself.

Harish tells them about who they met the other day and what they discussed. He then tells them to stay true to the party and assures them that they would be suitably rewarded after the TRS wins. These early morning phone calls are now actually helping to turn the tide.

Sources say at least 20 persons have been entrusted to monitor the trends in five villages. Thus  there are over 2000 workers doing the spying and trend mapping work.

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