Gaali Sampath Script Was Written For Me: Sree Vishnu

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Director Annish Krishna's Gaali Sampath features Vishnu Sree and Lovely Singh in lead roles. The film unit is currently bisy with movie promotions with an intention to reach a wider audience. 

As part of the movie promotions, Gaali Sampath's lead actor Sree Vishnu interacted with the media at Hyderabad. Here's what he had to say about Gaali Sampath, Sree Vishnu stated that "Director Anil Ravipudi called me and to tell me there's one story for you. Will you be able to do? I said 'Yes' and went to meet him

Anil Ravipudi and Anish Krishna have written the story for me. I liked my character in the film. After hearing the narration, I agreed to be a part of the film. He further added that Lovely Singh has a minimum screen space and there are only three songs in the film. I and Rajendra Prasad will travel in the whole film.

Generally, in every film, the father will be responsible while the son will be irresponsible. In 'Gaali Sampath,' it's totally different from other movies. Rajendra Prasad plays an irresponsible person, our communication and non-stop fights, how we overcome everything is the story of the film. Praising veteran actor Rajendra Prasad, Sree Vishnu said that "I personally learned few acting skills from him. I will try to implement those skills in my future films. He is an outstanding actor."

Vishnu has three movies in the pipeline with various directors and the details about the films are yet to be known. He urged everyone to watch the film in theatres.

- Sarah Justin

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