First Look Poster From Hello Meera Is Out!

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It involves a lot of hard work in making experimental movies. Some directors are proving their talent by looking for different ways to thrill the audience with an interesting story and narrative. Likewise, director Kakarla Srinivas is coming up with a unique story with the latest movie 'Hello Meera'. Kakarla Srinivas, who was the protégé of legendary filmmaker Bapu and has vast experience, is making his directorial debut with the movie.

Kakarla Srinivas wants his first film to be very special, thus he worked intensely on the story to offer a different experience to the audience. Jeevan Kakarla produced this experimental film under the Lumiere Cinema banner. What’s so unique about this movie is it’s going to thrill with a single character. The makers say that the film being made as a suspense drama thriller will give the audience an edge-of-seat experience.

The makers released the first look of the film, on the occasion of Dussehra. The main character Meera looks apprehensive in the poster, whereas we can see Prakasam barrage, and birds which all indicate there will be an unexpected suspense element in the movie. Director Kakarla Srinivas says that this film is an exciting journey and will offer a first-of-its-kind experience to movie buffs. Alongside the character of Meera who appears on the screen, the characters heard in the phone calls also arouse exhilaration. This movie is getting ready for release soon. Gargeyi Yellapragada played the role of Meera in this film. Suri Sadhanala worked as an associate director.

Dr. Lakshmana Rao Dikkala, Varaprasadarao Dumpala and Padma Kakarla produced the movie, while S. Chinna provided the music. Anantha Sridhar is the line producer. Tirumala M Tirupati is the Production Designer, whereas Katri Mallesh, and M Rambabu [Chennai] are the Production Managers. Rambabu Medikonda is the editor.

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