Evicted Swathi Deekshith Sparks Row By Questioning Bigg Boss Telugu Voting System

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Swathi Deekshith, who was not so popular until recently, is well known now, all thanks to Bigg Boss Telugu 4 season. This beautiful lass made her entry into the house as a wild card entry but unfortunately got evicted from the house at the end of her very first week. Before she entered the reality show, she featured in Allari Naresh film ‘Jump Jalani’. Though she did justice to her role in the film, she never got noticed by the audiences.

Now, after her eviction, there is a strong chance that people could be calling her ‘Bigg Boss Swathi’.

Swathi Deekshith stepped into Bigg Boss house as a guest in the third week. Much to her dismay, she was nominated immediately for the fourth-week eviction by Amma Rajasekhar. As fortune did not favour her, she was shown the door last Saturday. She was the fourth contestant to be eliminated from the house after Surya Kiran, Karate Kalyani and Devi Nagavalli.

Surprise eliminations in the Bigg Boss show are always a matter of intrigue for the netizens. Whenever it happens much against their wishes, they get into frenzied debates on social media raising suspicions about the voting pattern of the show. Same thing is happening again now, after the shocking eliminations of Devi Nagavalli and Swathi Deekshith.

Conspiracy theories of all nature are floating around on the Internet. Some netizens are claiming that the Bigg Boss organizers are eliminating contestants based on their own pattern regardless of audience voting. This has once again brought the BB Telugu voting system under the spotlight in social media. One can simply brush this aside as mere conjecture expressed by some sections of the show viewers.

But what Swathi Deekshith herself revealed during one of her interviews gives the impression that she almost endorses the same opinion. In a candid chat with a leading channel, she said: “I felt shocked when Nagarjuna said that the audience will support those who entertain them. Whoever will not entertain them, they also will face the elimination same like Swathi. Nagarjuna never said those kinds of words in previous seasons. In the first place, why did they have to send me if I were to be eliminated so soon? After elimination, no one will make this kind of statements. It would be fair if Nagarjuna said those words when I had not put in any efforts.

 But, getting blamed after putting in a lot of efforts, I really didn't like it. I don’t agree with Nagarjuna’s words. The makers haven’t telecast most of the footage where I played my game and gave 100 percent to it. I would be very much happy if they have telecast at least five percent of my footage. They never gave me my screen space. They have deleted all my footage in editing and are blaming me that I didn’t try to play the game. I was very much confident about my game. I didn’t expect I would get eliminated so soon. I didn’t feel sad or upset due to my eviction because I didn’t get eliminated through the voting process. The makers have done something to eliminate me “.

Swathi is not the first contestant who spoke about the voting process. Earlier, Karate Kalyani also stated the same reason that something is wrong with the voting system. Even Devi Nagavalli alluded to the fact that not all key developments and tasks were shown to the audiences. She did not point any fingers of suspicion on the reality show organizers though.

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