Devi Nagavalli Eliminated For Expressing Her Own Views?

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is taking new twists and turns, thanks to the show organizers for coming up with interesting tasks for the contestants of the show. In yesterday's episode, Devi Nagavalli was evicted from the show. Ariyanna got emotional over Devi Nagavalli’s exit. Devi Nagavalli's elimination has left everyone shocked and it was an unexpected elimination. All the contestants in the show got emotional when Nagarjuna announced about Nagavalli's elimination.

Devi was one of the strongest contestants in the show. Many folks thought that she would stay in the house for a long time. Devi's elimination has become a hot topic on social media. Some of the netizens are commenting on social media that Devi got eliminated for questioning and not playing the safe game like others.

If you may recall, Devi in ‘Hero and Zero’ task, she named Amma Rajasekhar as zero and she cited the reason that he always makes fun of others. That episode didn’t go well with some of the sections of the audience as Amma Rajasekhar broke down into tears and pleaded Nagarjuna for his exit. This incident might have had an impact on her elimination.

She got nominated directly by Karate Kalyani who dropped Bigg Bomb on her. Netizens are commenting Bigg Boss show as the stupid show ever. Some of them are questioning that Devi has the stamina to reach up to finals, why did they eliminate her. Show organizers want the people who are least bothered to play the game. People are telling that show organizers keep the housemates whomsoever they want and they eliminated who doesn’t want them to be in the house.

They don’t consider public votes. Some of the people are defending Nagarjuna and organizers saying that Devi might have got the least votes that’s why she might have been eliminated from the show. It is pretty clear that show lovers are upset with Devi's elimination.

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