Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Devi Nagavalli Is Ready For Second Marriage

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Devi Nagavalli is one of the most popular Telugu news presenters. She entered the reality show Bigg Boss Telugu 4 as one of the formidable contestants but unfortunately, she was evicted from the Bigg Boss house after the third week. She has become the talk of the town ever since she stepped out of the show. Those who are uninformed, Devi Nagavalli is the relative of legendary Tollywood director late Dasari Narayana Rao. A few years back, Devi got married but things didn’t work well so they parted ways. Now, she is a single mother to a six-year-old son.

In one of her recent interviews, when she was asked about her plans to get married again, Devi said that she is ready for a second marriage. "Why not?!", is how she shot back to a pointed question on this. Devi added that she does not mind entering the wedlock again if she finds a person who understands her and respects her decisions. She asserted that her only concern is about her son Karthikeya and she does not know whether he accepts that person or not.

She also made some comments on Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestants. In an interesting revelation on what really happened in the Bigg Boss house, she said that a few of the inmates tried to get closer to her. "But, I never entertained them. Not just in the house but even outside, I make it clear upfront... That I'm a divorcee and a mother to a six-year-old boy. It's for them to make up their mind." She also said that some of the housemates are getting saved in the house due to their relationship with other female contestants. Monal continues to be in the house because of this even though she could not speak Telugu, she felt.

Shifting our focus back on to the reality show, there are whispers doing the rounds that Devi Nagavalli is likely to re-enter Bigg Boss house. The buzz on social media is that Bigg Boss show organisers will soon bring one of the evicted contestants back into the show. As of now, it is unclear who will be that lucky contestant. As per debates and discussions on social media, there is a strong opinion in favour of Devi Nagavalli to be bestowed with the opportunity of a second innings in the show. So far, director Surya Kiran, Karate Kalyani, Devi Nagavalli and Swathi Deekshith have been eliminated in the four weeks of Bigg Boss show. According to the netizens, if Bigg Boss decides to go for this ploy, then the tussle could be between Devi and Swathi. While Devi can bring in that element of seriousness to the show, Swathi will be the ideal foil to keep up the glamour quotient in the house, is what they feel.

Well, for now we too will let this discussion go on in the realm of speculation. We will surely inform you if the organisers zero in on any contestant to be send back into the house. In the meantime, don’t forget to check this space for more updates on Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4.

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