Dear Megha Telugu Movie Review, Rating

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Release Date: September 3, 2021
Banner: Vedaansh Creation Works
Cast: Arun Adith, Arjun Somayajulu , Megha Akash, Pavithra Lokesh
Cinematography: I Andru
Editor: Prawin Pudi
Art Director: PS Varma
PRO: GSK Media
Music Director: Hari Goura
Producer: Arjun Dasyan
Director: Sushanth Reddy

Dear Megha is an official remake of Kannada hit 'Dia'. The film was a blockbuster in Sandalwood. The thought of the producers making it in a different language is really good, but it would have been nice if they had tweaked the story to suit the sensibilities of Telugu audience.

Plot: Megha Akash (Megha Swaroop), Arjun (Arjun Somayajula) are the characters' names in the film. It's a teenage love story. Megha and Arjun are college mates. Megha falls in love with arjun during her college days. But, she never expresses her feeling to him. One fine day, Arjun leaves for Singapore. He returns to India after three years. Megha and Arjun meet in Mumbai. Megha confesses her feelings to Arjun saying she has been in love with him since college days but was scared to express. Arjun is shocked to hear her feelings for him. Later, everything goes well in between. But suddenly, one major incident takes place in their lives. Unfortunately, Arjun gets distanced from her. Megha goes into a state of depression trying hard to forget him. During the time, Megha meets Aditya Arjun. Where will their relationship go? What really happened to Arjun forms the gist of the story.

Performance: Megha Akash looks cute in the film. But Aditya has performed better than Akash in most of the scenes be it emotional or drama scenes. Akash has lived in his character. He is new to the field and he needs some experience to polish his acting chops. He has a long way to go although he looks promising.

Analysis: The camera work of the film is noticeable. They have shot the whole in a few locations on a medium budget and the film looks colorful from beginning to end. The makers thought of working in Kannada remake 'Dia' to get the story to reach our audience doesn't seem to work. The last few minutes of the movie became a big plus point in Kannada but we don't know whether our Telugu audience would love it. The slow slow narration and run time of the film is also a big minus point for the film.

Verdict: It's a half-baked story. You can watch it for some songs and climax. But in all, Dear Megha is a feel good story. 

Rating: 2.5


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