Chaavu Kaburu Challaga Review & Rating

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Movie    Chaavu Kaburu Challaga
Star Cast    Kartikeya Gummakonda, Lavanya Tripathi, Aamani
Director    Koushik Pegallapati
Producer    Bunny Vasu
Music    Jakes Bejoy
Run Time    2h 17min
Release    March 19, 2021

Plot: Karthikeya plays the character of Basthi Balaraju while Lavanya Tripathi's character is named Mallika in the film. Basthi Balaraju runs a funeral service where he meets Lavanya Tripathi at her husband's funeral. Karthikeya proposes to Mallika at the funeral service. He is after Mallika to marry him. Mallika who's depressed over the loss of her husband, doesn't show any kind of interest to talk to him.

She lashes out at him for irritating her. He plans to surprise Lavanya Tripathi and arrives at Mallika's house. Unfortunately, he is caught by the police and they beat him up and also warns him against disturbing her. The cops release him on the condition that he doesn't harass Mallika. 

After getting out of the police station, Balaraju directly goes to Lavanya and asks her why isn't she accepting his marriage proposal. Mallika is a nurse at a maternity ward and she gives a lot of value to life while Balaraju is the kind who always believes that god who has created the birth will also end people's lives. He believes in living life to the fullest without worrying much. When Karthikeya pressurises Mallika the reason for ignoring him, she cities the reason that the two have different mindsets and hence can't sail together in a boat with different thoughts. Balaraju tries a lot to change her mindset but she doesn't get convinced by him.BalRaju understands his mother’s love for another person and tries to get her married. BalRaju’s thought convinces Mallika a bit and changes her thinking towards him.

Later, Mallika develops a soft corner towards him. She tells him that she just wants to be friends. Murali Sharma is the father in a law of Lavanya Tripathi. He loves and respects his daughter in law and he also brings a good match for her. Balaraju who learns about Murali Sharma's proposal,  requests that they get married. But, Mallika wants to marry the person chosen by her his father in law as she doesn't want to hurt him. The rest of the movie is about whether Lavanya will say yes to Balaraju or not.

Plus Point:
Karthikeya and Lavanya Tripathi outstanding performance
Story line

Minus Point:

Second Half

Verdict: It's a good film to watch but don't go with huge expectations. Karthikeya no doubt has charisma and manages to impress us, but the script fails to meet the audience expectations after all the hype created.


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