Censor Board Members Reject RGV's Disha Encounter Plot, Find Out Why

 - Sakshi Post

The censor board members gave a big shock to RGV's forthcoming film 'Disha Encounter'. According to latest reports, The censor members have watched the movie and they seem to be upset with some gruesome scenes. The censor board has declined to issue a certificate. However, the panel has referred the same matter to revision committee. This committee will watch the movie and then it will take the final call.

The film is helmed by Anand Chandra under the supervision of Ram Gopal Varma and it is co-produced by Natti Kranthi and Natti Karuna. It features Srikanth Iyengar, Sonia and Praveen Raj in the lead roles. If everything goes well, then the film will the theatres on 19th February.  Sonia Akula is playing the role of Disha in RGV’ film.

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