Bigg Boss Top 5 Finalists As Per Social Media Prediction

 - Sakshi Post

The most asked question on social media is ‘ Who is the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 winner? We are also eagerly waiting to know who will clinch the winner title? But, all we have to wait till Bigg Boss Telugu 4 finale date which is likely to get come to an end by end of next month, until then let us have social media prediction.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has been the most successful season out of the previous seasons. All thanks to talented contestants who helped the show to reached the highest TRP with their fights and verbal abuses. According to the social media buzz, these five Bigg Boss contestants definitely could be in the top five. Shocking, the most popular contestant Akhil is not on the list. Yes, what you read is right. Let’s check out who are on the list

Abhijeet: He got loyal fans since the start of the show and they are supporting him since it’s launch. It’s a known fact that Abhijeet was nominated in all weeks but escaped elimination only because of their fans and audience. Bigg Boss audience has loved him every avatar and a few of them already made up their minds that Abhijeet is the winner.

Lasya: Truly, she is not playing her game well but she is entertaining the house with her gossiping about other housemates. Many of the audience are holding huge respect for her as she came to participate in the show by leaving her one and only son. Definitely, she will be in top five as she shares a  good rapport with the channel. 

Sohel: He is playing his game really well and he can give tough competition to Abhijeet. He is one of the toughest contestants in the house. He is really irritating the audience and constantly searching for unnecessary fights with housemates. But, he garnered a huge fan base right now who is supporting him for everything he does or doesn’t do.

Dethadi Harika: she is giving good content to Bigg Boss and to the audience that’s she is still surviving inside the house. On the other hand, she has her own loyal fans who are constantly supporting her. Show lovers are loving Harika-Abhijeet's cute friendship in the house.

Avinash: When he made a wild card entry, the audience thought he would be seen as a winner or runner-up. Nothing of them expected he would be in top fifth position among the audience. He lost his respect among the audience for often saying he lost his job in reality show.  

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