Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Abijeeth Fans Regret Voting For Monal?

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestant Abhijeet has slowly, but surely become one of the most popular inmates of the reality show. The handsome actor has been saved from elimination week after week and he has been nominated more than seven times. There’s no denying the fact that Abhijeet enjoys a huge female fan following outside of the house. His female fan following has kept him inside the house for this long. We are sure Abhijeet will go all the way to the finale and emerges as the winner of the season.  Last week, Monal was nominated in Abhijeet place as Harika swapped Monal immunity with him. Abhijeet wasn’t nominated for last week's elimination round.

Abhijeet fans were happy with Harika's decision and they decided to vote for Monal because Abhika(Abhijeet-Harika) she was nominated for eviction. All of Abika fans have voted for her and she is believed to have bagged the highest votes in last week. Monal was the first contestant to save from eviction of this week. Last night, Nagarjuna has yelled at Abhijeet for not doing the task of taking Monal to date. Nagarjuna is seen supporting Monal and degrading Abhijeet’s image on a controversial reality show. Abhijeet fans have deeply hurt Nagarjuna's being biased towards Monal and they seem to be regretting voting for Monal. They are seeing discussing on social media that they won’t support Monal anymore and they will only vote for Abhika. If you don’t believe us, take a look at the tweets:

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