Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4: Know About Jabardasth Avinash's Love And Break Up Story

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Jabardasth Avinash made his entry into the reality show, Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 as a wild card contestant. He is a multi-talented person. He has been rocking the show ever since he entered the house. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say, Avinash has become the cynosure of the show. He has been entertaining the audience with his antics. We have already told you that some of the show lovers are saying that Avinash is the best wild card contestant ever in the BB  house. If you may recall, the show organizers have highlighted the Avinash's break up story in the entry video. If you remember then here is a continuation for it. Avinash's brother Ajay revealed a few details about his brother's love story and breakup.

He stated to the leading channel that “We are three brothers, we used to stay in a hostel and we used to go to the same school. My brother loved one of his school mates. Whenever he was in school, he used to roam around her, and his complete focus used to be on her. He used to follow her, wherever she goes."

He further added that, "One fine day, I asked my brother to give me one rupee as I want to buy a sweet. He refused to give me. At that time, she called me and gave me one rupee. After that, whenever I want money, I used to ask her. She was a very kind-hearted person. At that age, I really don’t know about this kind of relationship, I used to call her sister."

After completion of my brother's studies, he left the school and I was still in the hostel. Later, I got to know that my brother is loving her. He thought of marrying her but don’t know what happened between them, they parted ways. After the break-up, my brother shifted his complete focus on his career. Since childhood, my brother(Avinash) loves to do mimicry. The principal of my school recognised my brother's talent and encouraged him to do. Now, he reached this stage by overcoming all the hurdles. I want to see him as the winner of this season. I urge all the audience to support him until he wins the title.

Currently, Avinash's brother Ajay is also entertaining the audience in the Jabardasth show.

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