Abijeet Jacks Up Remuneration Post Bigg Boss, Grabs Endorsement Deals: Check His Insta Posts

 - Sakshi Post

One cannot deny the fact that Akkineni Nagarjuna's Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has been a huge success and the finale episode that saw Abijeet as the winner of the season has recorded 21.7 TVR. Bigg Boss contestant Abhijeet has become extremely popular in Telugu states, thanks to his attitude and killer looks. The main reason behind Abhijeet winning Bigg Boss is because of his sheer talent and hard work. And another topmost reason is Abhijeet fans who have supported and promote him social networks by creating various pages under his name.

Before stepping to Bigg Boss, Abhijeet made a debut with the movie 'Life Is Beautiful'. He is one of the few people who has been loved immensely by his fans. He is also quite popular on various social media platforms. The latest news we hear is Abhijeet seems to be earning a lot of money with his Instagram posts. If reports are to go anything by, Abhijeet might be earning Rs 5 to 8 eights lakh for his Instagram posts.

  Looks like his fanbase and his presence online has made a huge difference and helped him with his endorsements. We don't know how far this news contains truth but people are widely discussing about his Instagram remuneration on social media.

 Here are few amazing and stunning pictures of Abhijeet.

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