Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Swathi Deekshith Sensational Comments On Monal Gajjar

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Swathi Deekshith is for sure out of the reality show. But that doesn’t seem to stop her from hogging the limelight even outside. She is grabbing the headlines for obvious reasons. Swathi Deekshith entered Bigg Boss house after two weeks of the show’s launch. Actually, there is speculation in some quarters that Swathi Deekshith was meant to be a guest to the show and the organisers were believed to have sent her into the house to add spice to the show and arouse more curiosity among the inmates.

As it was noticed, ever since Swathi stepped in, her presence began making some inmates feel insecure. Unfortunately, she got evicted from the show after one week. She was just about beginning to understand contestants' behavior very well within this time and by the time she did, she is out of the show. There is sympathy also pouring in for her on this count on social media.

After stepping out of the show, Swathi Deekshith made some sensational comments on Monal Gajjar. She stated to a leading channel that Monal was trying to create confusion between Akhil and Abhijeet and they both are good in their own ways. “They both came and said to me that Monal is feeling insecure about her. She is right next to my bed but she never talks to me and she never asked me, ‘did you eat?’ But, She will talk about me with Abhijeet and Akhil. Monal is a manipulator. Monal tells Akhil that I don’t like him. She will tell him that Abhi is behind her, the truth is Abhi is not interested. She will also tell Akhil that she thinks he (Abhie) is fake and doesn’t like his attitude.

But look at her double-play. If Monal really doesn’t like Abhijeet, then why is she going to Abhi and talk to him after Akhil goes to bed? Monal will spend most of the time with Akhil but she also wants to spend time with Abhijeet. Definitely, Abhijeet is not interested in her at all and he is unable to understand her. Abhijeet shared with me about one episode where Monal told him ‘I like you’. Monal said the same thing to even Akhil. If she doesn't have answers, Monal will start crying to gain sympathy. I feel she is unnecessarily playing with the emotions of both Akhil and Abhijeet and is the reason for the confusion between the two. If it is a game it's fine because Akhil is even thinking to continue it after the show".

While leaving the house, Swathi dropped Bigg Bomb on Amma Rajasekhar to make him ineligible to take part in the captaincy task for this week. So far, we have seen the big bomb playing its part in eventual nomination results in all the weeks. Let’s wait and see how much of an impact this latest big bomb will have on Amma Rajasekhar’s fortunes this week. Will he be nominated or not, if yes, will he survive this? We will have all the answers very soon.

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