Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Swathi Deekshith, Harika Are In Danger Zone This Week?

 - Sakshi Post

The fourth season of Bigg Boss Telugu is witnessing some interesting tasks. In a recent episode, the housemates of the show are asked to compete for the first phase of a task called ‘Killer Coins’.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is heading towards the fourth eviction over the weekend. As we have already told you, Abijeet, Kumar Sai, Lasya, Mehboob, Swathi, Sohail and Harika have been nominated for this week's elimination. Abijeet, Mehboob and Sohail are the ones in the house who have been giving a lot of content to the show and audience. Ever since Abijeet won the task in Humans vs Robots, Sohail and Mehboob are provoking Abijeet to get into fights. Sohail and Mehboob are not coming out and they hold grudges in the house.

Several speculations are doing the rounds that Sohail and Mehboob may not face eviction anytime soon. We have already witnessed a twist in the form of Devi Nagavalli eviction as she was one of the strong contenders. People are discussing on social media about who is likely to leave the Bigg Boss house this weekend.

Looking at the votes, Swathi Deekshith who made third wild card entry into the house, appears to be on sticky wicket. Another contestant is Harika, who also got fewer votes compared to other contestants. As per social media buzz, Swathi Deekshith and Harika could end up in the danger zone this week. Check out the tweets for more information:

In tonight's episode, Jordar Sujatha is expected to change the game with her switch coin. We'll come to know all of that in tonight's episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 and who will be the new captain of the house. If reports are anything to go by, Kumar Sai will be the fourth captain after Lasya, Noel and Gangavva.

Who do you think will be the one to leave the house? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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