Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Swathi Deekshith Fans Protest Outside Annapurna Studios

 - Sakshi Post

Tollywood actress Swathi Deekshith was recently evicted from Bigg Boss Telugu 4 house. Those who are uninformed, she has a decent fan following in Telugu states. This might surprise you but it is true. In a dramatic development, Swathi’s fans are staging a protest outside Annapurna Studios, the venue for the Bigg Boss Telugu show, for eliminating her without a proper reason.

Her fans are demanding the show organisers to send her back into the house. They feel that their favourite contestant was not given enough time and screen space and are expressing their suspicions on the voting process. The fans also allege that Swathi was deliberately eliminated and the decision to this effect was taken much before the voting ended. “Our protest is proof that there are audiences and fans for Swathi Deekshith. We voted for her and we wanted her back in the show,” they demanded.

There have been intermittent insinuations against the show where netizens and some sections of audiences have come up with conspiracy theories. They suspect manipulation of voting following the shock elimination of some strong contestants like Devi Nagavalli and Swathi Deekshith.

Now even Swathi’s fans are coming up with similar accusations even as all this is being seen as a case of sour grapes and the response of the heart-broken fans. Swathi’s fans allege that the organizers are eliminating contestants who are receiving support from the audiences and while letting others stay in the house. They seek answers for Swathi Deekshith elimination and renew their demand for another chance to be given to her and let her make a re-entry. Will this demand cut any ice with the show organizers or will their desire be granted will be known in the near future.

If you are looking forward to tonight's episode, then we have some interesting news for you. Sohel is all set to become the fourth captain of the house.

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