Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Sohel Is Likely To Get Evicted In 11th Week Of Elimination?

 - Sakshi Post

As you all know, this week nomination process went so hot with verbal fights between Akhil-Abhijeet and Sohel-Harika. Netizens have even trolled Sohel as he doesn’t know how to talk or treat the girls. But, show organizers haven’t shown a few of the scenes where Sohel is seeking an apology to Harika for his words. Speculations are doing the rounds that Show organizers seem to be wantedly showing Sohel in a negative way to the audience.

They are believed to be planning to eliminate Sohel from the Bigg Boss Telugu 4. He is one of the strong contestants in the show and show buffs are praising him that he is playing games very genuinely. If this rumor comes true, the audience will definitely lose truth and faith on the show. This is not the first time, show organizers are planning to the eliminated strong contestants. Earlier, they have also did with Devi Nagavalli, Kumar Sai and Mehboob. They are going to save their favorite contestants even this week, it is learnt. However, an official confirmation regarding the news is awaited at the moment.

If you are waiting for tonight’s episode highlights, then this piece of news is for you. Dethadi Harika will be the new captain of the house. Lasya’s son Junnu is all set to appear in the show in tonight’s episode. Let’s wait and watch what’s in store for us.

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