Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Rumoured Winner Abhijeet Is No Match For Kaushal Mandal

 - Sakshi Post

Akkineni Nagarjuna’s Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is all to end in a couple of days from now. One contestant has been grabbing the headlines ever since he stepped into the show. He is none other than Young actor Abhijeet rose to fame with the movie ‘Life Is Beautiful’. The movie turned out to be a decent hit at the box office. but Abhijeet's performance won accolades and appreciation from several quarters. Abhijeet is the best entertainer among a current lot of the contestants in the house. It’s a known fact that Abhijeet can’t perform well in the tasks due to health issues. Abhijeet’s creative mind during the tasks has made him win the hearts of people who disliked him in the house.

Akhil used to hate Abhijeet in Monal matter but last week the former was seen spending most of his time with Abhijeet. He never holds any grudges for any person in the house. He always believed in giving love to his friends. Abhijeet and Ariyana had clashed during the nomination process of this week. Last night, When Ariyana received an envelope of a letter into pieces. Abhijeet is seen helping her and Abhijeet fans are going gaga over how real he is as a person and is not putting up an act for the show!

Netizens started comparing Abhijeet with Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 winner Kaushal Manda. They are saying that Abhijeet's actions in the house are making them recall Bigg Boss 2 moments. During Bigg Boss Telugu 2, all the housemates were targeted Kaushal and they made him a hero. Now, Bigg Boss showing some video clips to Akhil of Abhijeet making him popular with a poor script. Kaushal Manda and Abhijeet have one thing common as they are only focused on the game. They are least bothered about others. One of the user commented Abhijeet is nowhere match to Kaushal Manda, none of them have matched to him. We are not saying it on our own. Check out the tweets for more clarity:

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