Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Netizens Troll Akhil For Getting Jealous Of Abijeet

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Over the past few days, Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestants Abhijeet and Akhil Sarthak haven’t been on good terms. They have engaged in a lot of verbal arguments in every nomination process task. Netizens are trolling Akhil for a long time. Akhil always gets angry if contestants don’t support him. He will never ever understand the situation and will be ready to take revenge on them, when time comes. Last night, Akhil is seen telling to his friends Sohel and Monal that Abijeet gave a big lecture to Monal by saying that ‘I don’t want to swap and I’m not going to ask. But when he got a chance to swap with Monal, why didn’t he speak a single word.

We have already told you, Abhijeet became extremely popular during his stint in the house and his fans came out to support him. Abhijeet fans extended their support by saying that if Abhijeet has a chance to speak he would have asked her but Abhijeet had obeyed the rules of captain Harika and Bigg Boss. There’s nothing wrong in it. Why Akhil feeling so jealous of him. After witnessing Akhil’s behavior in the nomination process, Monal is seen avoiding him and spending time with Abhijeet. Netizens are suggesting on social media that Akhil would learn a lesson from Monal that being good with Abijeet may help him to survive in the house for a longer time. If he messes with him, the Abhijeet army will surely troll him on regular basis. Check out what Netizens are talking about Akhil on social media:

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