Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Netizens Slam Akhil For Being Partial To Monal

 - Sakshi Post

With each passing day, the buzz around the controversial reality shows Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is increasing amongst the audience. While coming to the contestants they are showing their individual personalities. In a recent episode, all the contestants got their letters from their family members but to receive those letters, contestants should reveal one secret from their lives. Akhil who is in a secret room, will decide whether he should give a letter to the inmates or not. Akhil wasn’t impressed with Ariyana and Avinash's secrets and he tore their letters. All the contestants' secrets were managed to impress the audience. But, Akhil being partial to Monal hasn’t gone well with the audience.

Netizens are slamming Akhil for his attitude and being partial to Monal. Avinash shared a secret that he got cheated by one of the filmmakers who promised him a role and asked Avinash to pay Rs 80000. His father borrowed cash from others for Two rupees interest. The filmmakers cheated him after taking the cash. Till now, Avinash hasn’t told to their parents it seems. 

Ariyana narrated her near-fatal experience of surviving a car crash. Akhil felt she didn't disclose a secret as per the rule of the task but something irrelevant to the task. While Monal shared how she has sacrificed her studies for the sake of family and how she was struggling to get a good job. She seems to be pursuing her studies without their family knowledge.

These are dark secrets of Monal, Avinash and Ariyana, Akhil sent a letter but he hasn’t sent a letter to them. He was seen crushing the papers as Akhil felt those are not secrets and he tore the letters into pieces. Fans trolling Akhil for being partial to Monal. Check out the tweets:

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