Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Kumar Sai's Remuneration Will Leave You All Shocked!

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Akkineni Nagarjuna’s world's biggest reality show Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is ruling the TRPs charts. According to the trusted sources, the show is receiving a good response from the viewers and the show has managed to create enough buzz on social media.

Do you remember Kumar Sai? Obviously, the answer will be a big ‘Yes’. If you may recall, Kumar Sai was the first wild card contestant in the house. But, he couldn’t stay in the house for a longer time. He got evicted after two weeks. Many of his fans claimed Kumar Sai’s elimination unfair as Monal was supposed to eliminate in his place but Nagarjuna shown him an exit door. Kumar Sai was performing well in the task but his sudden elimination left many of the show buffs shocked. On the other hand, all the contestants have targeted him and for each and every task, they used to corner him.

It also became another minus point for his elimination. Do you know how much Kumar Sai remuneration? Any wild guesses? There’s no prize for guessing it. In one of his interviews, Kumar Sai stated that they haven’t paid some lakhs to him but they have given his regular movie payment on daily basis. Kumar Sai might get paid 10k per day and his remuneration could be less than 40k during his stint at the house. Some of the netizens are getting shocked to know that Kumar Sai got the least paid for the show.

If you are eagerly waiting for tonight episode, then we have interesting news in our store, Amma Rajasekhar will be the ninth captain of the house. He also is in a danger zone and there are many chances for him to leave the house this weekend. It remains to be seen how the show unfolds in Sunday’s episode.

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