Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Jabardasth Avinash Lying To The Audience?

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Bigg Boss Telugu is a popular reality show in Telugu states. Most of the celebrities will come forward to participate in the show as it a big platform for them to prove their talent. Few of the participants will leave their current projects to participate in Bigg Boss as they consider that if they participate in the show, they would get a bunch of offers. Are you wondering about whom we are talking about? He is none other than Mukku Avinash, his fans fondly call him Jabardasth Avinash. He has emerged to be one of the strongest contenders for Bigg Boss Telugu 4.

Nowadays, Avinash is often seen telling in the show that Jabardasth makers weren’t ready to send him to participate in Bigg Boss Telugu 4. The makers have asked him to pay some amount for his sudden exit. Avinash is believed to have violated the agreement signed for Jabardasth. The show makers were believed to ask Avinash to pay compensation for his sudden exit. Sources say that Avinash has paid Rs 10 lakhs as compensation to Jabardasth makers.

Ongoing report suggests that Avinash has a chance to join back into the Jabardasth show. Hold on, we are not saying it on our own. One of Avinash's brothers stated to a leading channel that “ My brother hasn’t made a permanent exit from Jabardasth show. He went to Bigg Boss with his own decision. After the completion of Bigg Boss, My brother (Avinash) can continue his job in Jabardasth show in same team. There are many chances for the show makers to take him back. My brother is no longer employee of Jabardasth is just a rumor”.

Avinash sudden exit was revealed by him only in Bigg Boss Telugu. He was seen telling his friends Sohel and Ariyana that he doesn't have any job, if he leave Bigg Boss. Is Avinash trying to play a sympathy game or is he lying to the audience? The answers are best known to him and his brother. The other reason could also be that Avinash might have kept secret from his family member as Jabardasth makers have terminated him.

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