Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Harika Nominates Abhijeet, Netizens Hail Abi, Find Out Why

 - Sakshi Post

There’s no denying the fact that Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is getting interesting day by day. With only fewer contestants left in the game, this week we are likely to see many differences between the housemates in the house. The latest video promo of Bigg Boss Telugu is seen Harika nominated Abhijeet. The exact reason is yet to know why she has nominated Abhijeet. One thing is sure, she has gone through a lot and got influenced by Nagarjuna's words that’s why she nominated her own bestie in the house for this week's eviction.

Abhijeet has garner a huge fan abase after stepping into Bigg Boss and he won’t leave the house until he lifts the trophy. Netizens are singing praises for Abhijeet.

Do you know, why? Abhijeet didn’t utter a single word when Harika nominated him but he said that ' if you don’t understand, who is better than you to understand him here'. Show lovers are going gaga over his words on social media. Harika is seen crying in the promo. Abhijeet fans are requesting on social media not to troll Harika and urging everyone to support her. In the meantime, take a look at the tweets:

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