Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Ariyana's Remuneration Becomes A Hot Topic!

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is one of the most popular reality shows in the two Telugu states. Ever since the show has started, there has been much hype about the remuneration of the contestants in the house. When the season started there were rumors that Lasya is the highest paid contestant.

Now, another contestant's remuneration has become a hot topic on social media. She is none other than Ariyana Glory. She is known for hosting shows in Gemini TV comedy channel but gained popularity with RGV's interview.

If you may recall Devi Nagavalli and Ariyana shared a great bond in the BB house. Devi felt that Ariyana is the most honest person among the others in the house. Ariyana got emotional and broke into tears when Devi Nagavalli was evicted. Since then Ariyana is grabbing the limelight and now her remuneration has become a hot topic among the show lovers.

According to the sources, Ariyana is believed to be getting paid around one lakh per week. So far, Ariyana is playing a fair game. It remains to be seen how long she is going to survive in the house.

The show lovers are pretty much excited to know which contestant walks out of the house in tonight's episode. Swathi Deekshith was the fourth contestant to step out of the BB house after Surya Kiran, Karate Kalyani, and  Devi Nagavalli. Lasya, Abhijeet, Harika, Sohail, Mehboob, and Kumar Sai are in the nomination list. Let’s wait and watch how the show will turn in tonight's episode.

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