Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Akhil Sarthak Shares The Most Difficult Moments In His Life

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestant Akhil Sarthak wasn’t known to many of the Telugu audience until he stepped into Bigg Boss house. Ever since he started sharing a special bond with Monal Gajjar, he is getting more screen space. That’s not all, he also earned a decent fan following through his stint in the house. If reports are to be believed, there’s an army under his name on his social media who have been supporting him relentlessly whenever he is in nominations. It is worth mentioning that Akhil is believed to have got the highest votes compared to other contestants.

In many of the episodes, it was clearly seen that Akhil hates Abhijeet so much as the former doesn’t want Abhijeet to get close to Monal. Abhijeet who learned about Monal's behavior started ignoring her but Akhil seems to be continuing the same. Netizens claim that Akhil is behaving that there’s no life in the house without Monal.

Do you know this? Monal is not Akhil's first love. He loved a girl believed to be a heroine and they both were in a relationship for four years. They have dated for a couple of years and they even decided to get married but things didn’t work out between them. They called it off. It is being said that Akhil’s ex-girlfriend compared him to that of a dog and that hurt Akhil a lot. At that moment he decided to move away from her. In one of the unseen videos, Akhil shared about his breakup story and it has become a hot topic on all social media platforms. If you haven’t watched then this is for you. Akhil said “It was a love marriage for my parents and they faced a lot of struggles. My father worked as an auto driver and my mother worked as a typist for Rs 300." He further added that, "I still remember the most tragic moment in my life. Three years ago, my father had a heart attack, my girlfriend left me and my career was stopped at the moment." Akhil told his parents, "I’m proud to be your son”.

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