Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Abhijeet Rival Is In Danger Zone

 - Sakshi Post

Abhijeet is one of the popular celebrities of Bigg Boss Telugu compared to other contestants. There is no denying that, he also became one of the popular contestants on Bigg Boss Telugu. Abhijeet is now one of the finalists. There’s no way Abhijeet will get eliminated because he is playing game well. He has been nominated for more than seven times but escaped elimination with a majority of votes. Did any one person will get eliminated after surviving seven eliminations that could be the reason Abhijeet may lift the trophy. As soon as the show began, Abhijeet was trending on social media.

There are countless tweets were shared every night, which made it quite clear that the public loved watching Abhijeet on the show. All Abhijeet fans would know who is rival in the game to their demi-god. He is none other than Akhil Sarthak, he always argues with Abhijeet for one or other reason. Currently, Akhil has been nominated this week eviction. In official polls, Akhil is in danger zone and there are most chances for him to get eliminated this weekend.

He was supposed to be in top three but his graph seems to be dip ever since he came out of a secret room. Speculations are doing the rounds that Akhil may be the next contestant to get eliminated from the show. If Akhil gets eliminated then the show would become dull and there will be no contestants to fight with Abhijeet. So the makers may save him but we have to wait and watch how the show will turn in the coming days. Take a look at the tweet:

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