Bigg Boss Season 4 TRPs To Create Records!

 - Sakshi Post

Entertainment industry took a heavy beating in the last six months due to pandemic and lockdown. Now, the pandemic is still not showing any signs of slowing down but the general public have had enough of it all. 

Same is true with Entertainment professionals too. Some have decided to shift their interests, some have decided to get into work mode back with precautions. And rest have decided to wait for few more days. 

Nagarjuna shot for Bigg Boss 4 season curtain raiser event and he will be seen in a different get-up this time around as a special attraction. He will unveil the contestants one by one after introducing the new set, facilities and special security measures to avoid infections on the show. 

As far as fans of the show and general public are concerned, they just want the show to start and take away the boredom from their lives. With not much going around in Entertainment sector, the TRPs of the show are expected to touch the sky. 

New records are expected to be achieved by the show in this season. Nagarjuna overlooking some issues to avoid controversy in the last season, did not go down well with some of the viewers, how will he address that this season? Let's wait and watch. 

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