Bigg Boss 4 Telulgu Organiser's Masterplan To Save Amma Rajasekhar?

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Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestant Amma Rajasekhar has been in the news for venting out his angry on Abhijeet, when the latter nominated him for this week's eviction. Amma Rajasekhar-Abhijeet’s fights are continuing in the house, seems it might take a lot of time to sort out their difference with each other. Currently, Amma Rajasekhar is the ninth captain of Bigg Boss Telugu. Amma Rajasekhar’s assigned house duties to the housemates as a captain are not going well with inmates. Some of the housemates are blaming Amma Rajasekhar for showing partially to his friends-Mehaboob, Amma Rajasekhar and Ariyana.

Murmurs are doing the rounds that Bigg Boss organizers are trying to save Amma Rajasekhar even this week as he is generating lot of content to the show buffs by fighting with his fellow mates. Most of the show buffs watch the show to see fights in the house. When Amma Rajasekhar is providing enough, why will they think to eliminate him. If the makers of the show, really thought to evict him this weekend then they would have shown Amma Rajasekhar flaws but seems like they are supporting him. Yes, what you read is right.

If you rewind this week all episodes, Amma Rajasekhar got the most footage compared to other housemates. The first two days were about Amma Rajasekhar's heated argument with Akhil and Abhijeet. After Amma Rajasekhar emerged as a captain of this week. Bigg Boss gave a strict warning to Abhijeet only to talk in Telugu which has become a plus point to Amma Rajasekhar’s captaincy as he told the housemates not to talk in English, whoever talks will get punished. Looking at all these, the buzz on social media that Bigg Boss could have planned to save Amma Rajasekhar. We have to wait and watch whether show makers will really save him with this master plan or not. 

The host of the show Nagarjuna will give the housemates a report card for their performance of this week. It remains to be seen who will get brickbats and bouquets from him. Can’t wait to watch it.

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