Bigg Boss 4 Telugu: Not Abhijeet, Ariyana To Be The Title Winner?

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Bigg Boss Telugu 4 - Anything may happen at any point of time, right! A big yes. The most popular reality show has more elements and within a couple of days, the show is going to end. But, my dear readers, the level of anxiety about the winner is very high amongst the audience and needless to say about fans' predictions. On the other hand, the eliminated contestants are not leaving any stone unturned to promote their favourite contestants. There are five contestants in the house of Bigg Boss - Ariyana, Akhil, Abhijeet, Sohel, and Harika.

Now, the topic of discussion is that Ariyana is going to be the title winner. Yeah! Till now, we have heard that Abhijeet is going to take the most prestigious trophy home. But now, the results may change. It is widely said on social media that Ariyana could be the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4.  Hold on my dear readers... These are just predictions. To know what is going to happen and who is going to be the winner of the title, we have to wait till this weekend.

According to some reports,  it is said that Abhijeet is in second place in the final voting and Ariyana is in the first position.  In a recent episode, the former contestants of Bigg Boss house came on to the show and praised Ariyana for her guts. They all said that she was playing too well. So, by this, we think that fans might have changed their opinion and want to make a female contestant as the winner.  Not only Ariyana's fans but Devi Nagavalli, Mukku Avinash and many others are supporting Ariyana.  Let us wait and see whether these predictions will come true or not.

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