Big Boss 4 Telugu Host Nagarjuna’s Punch To Akhil On Monal Gajjar Relationship

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Big Boss Telugu Season 4, is now in its ninth weekend. Host, Nagarjuna expressed his anguish over the performance of house members and discussed things that went wrong in the tasks. He particularly talked about the captaincy task and the behaviour of house members during the tea table game played for the captaincy task. Abhijit left the task claiming he has self-respect. Nagarjuna questioned him and said that the remaining house members too had self-respect, but why he left the task. He asked the house members to raise their hands if Abhijit was correct, but no one raised their voices.

Speaking to Monal Gajjar about the weekend episodes she said, I did not expect that Akhil would nominate me. I thought for me he is like a family member. With that Nagarjuna directly questioned Akhil that, ''For you, Monal is just a friend or more than that?'',  But Akhil didn’t reply.

To disturb the contestants who played for the tea stand task there was mud, water, ice, garbage, and grass. Sohail complained to Ariyana that she bought ice. She gave a punch to him and said,'' I am playing the game according to BiggBoss rules'', and clarified that she did not bring ice. Meanwhile, Monal complained to Nagarjuna that Ariyana lost her humanity in the tea task game. Giving a counter to Monal, Ariyana said in her version that BiggBoss gave the task and she only completed it.

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