BB4 Telugu: Is Nagarjuna Trying To Break Abhijeeth Friendship With Harika?

 - Sakshi Post

Abhijeet, who rose to fame soon after ‘Life Is Beautiful’, became all the more popular after he entered the Bigg Boss house. His presence on the show has paved the way for a lot of controversies right from the start. There are few contestants like Sohel, Monal, Harika and others became famous while being on the show, it was Abijeet who has been grabbing headlines everywhere. Well, thanks to Bigg Boss, Abhijeet is now a household name!

Last night, Nagarjuna yelled at Abhijeet for denying the tasks which were assigned by Bigg Boss. We saw the host was furious on Abhijeet for taking Bigg Boss for granted and not obeying the rules.  Nagarjuna is seen telling to Abhijeet, I would have sent you out of the house if you didn’t seek an apology. He requested folded hands and urged all the contestants to play the game. Netizens are questioning Nagarjuna why he is forcing Abhijeet to have a relationship with Monal?

That’s not all, they went on to say that why show makers are trying to break Abhijeet-Harika friendship. Nagarjuna advised Harika to play her own game without being favoritism to anyone in the house, especially to Abhijeet. The host indirectly hinted at Harika to cut her friendship with Abhijeet.It remains to be seen whether Harika will really break her friendship or not. We think Harika value her friendship than the game because it last for a long but the game is going to end in a couple of days from now. In the meantime. take a look at the tweets:

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