This Attitude Of Sohel Will Put Him In Top 2 Finalists On Bigg Boss

 - Sakshi Post

Did anyone know Syed Sohel Ryan, before Bigg Boss Telugu? Obviously, the answer will be a big ‘No’. Now, he has emerged as the popular contestant of the current season of Bigg Boss Telugu. Sohel termed as the most controversial contestant of the season. If there is one person in the house who is loyal to his friends to the core, it is Sohel.

Be it his friendship with Mehboob which started in the first week of the show and also the best friendship ever in Bigg Boss. Sohel is seen missing Mehboob ever since the latter was evicted from the house. Many of them said that Sohel is playing a real game without wearing any mask. The biggest minus point of Sohel, the way he behaves aggressively in the house with the housemates. He happily accepted every trouble which came his way and overcame it with a lot of strength and positivity. He is indeed the survivor who showed immense growth as a person in his Bigg Boss journey.

The former contestant Kaushal Manda said few words about Sohel which will surely make Sohel fans awe. Kaushal compared Sohel with the former contestant Tanish. Kaushal seems like following the show on a regular basis and predicts that Sohel will definitely be in the top two of the winner race. He is a genuine player and his angry is strength. He is entertaining the audience with his angry and no doubt, he will be in top two, might also become runner of the season”. Hearing beautiful words from Kaushal Manda will surely be music to the ears of Sohel fans.

Sohel has been nominated for this week elimination, his fans, followers, and evicted contestant Mehboob are doing a campaign for him and requesting the audience to vote for him. Looking at Kaushal’s prediction, Sohel may not leave Bigg Boss' house anytime soon.

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